Tigers autopsy

I started this season thinking that maybe the Missouri Tigers were actually a top 10 team and possibly a national championship contender. As the season squeaked to a close last night with an overtime against Northwestern in the Journalism Alamo Bowl, it's clear that was never the case.

I think it was Bill Parcells who first said, "you are what your record says you are." Missouri IS 9-4 overall, 5-3 in the Big 12.

Don't get me wrong, the program has come a long way in a short time. But it's ridiculous to even think about a national title until you can prove you can beat be competitive with the Oklahomas and Texases of your own conference.

Here's the reality check on what the Mizzou Tigers football team really IS:

-- Athletic, but not strong
-- Fast, but not quick
-- Standout players (Maclin, Daniel, Coffman, Weatherspoon), but also too many sub-par weak links, especially on defense.
-- Creative gimmicky, but not necessarily clever in play calling.

That mix is enough to beat up on Colorado and K-State, but it's never going to reach the next level until the program gets deeper, stronger and more balanced.


Meet Deacon


Wedding band

I found my wedding band when I was back in St. Louis. Here are some photos.

It's white gold in the middle and the rings around the edges are platinum.


Olivia at Christmas dinner


The original Christmas tree

This is the tree at my parents' house, the one all my cool childhood presents used to gne under long ago.
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Almost there

On a plane leaving Detroit for St Louis. Will be there soon.
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Deacon in the snow



My new favorite twitterer: @curmudge.

His tweets are basically full of devastating disdain and scorn, but HILARIOUS. Check it out and follow if you agree.


Big storm this afternoon. Might get 10 inches by the end.

Time to break out the shovel.
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Olivia dances (Olivia.3gp)




Shoe in

There are a lot of these going around the Internets already, but here are a couple of my favorite shoe-throwing parody GIFs so far. (be patient while these load for a minute, the large file size sometimes clogs the tubes.)

Curly, George and Larry

The shoetrix


Free concerts!

Got a few hours to kill? I don't. But if you do, check out the Concert Vault (http://concerts.wolfgangsvault.com).

Streaming live music, concert recordings and music downloads, all free.


One week to go

Just about one week from now we'll be back home for Christmas. Can't wait to see the family. I'm sure there will be redeye flights in crowded airports and extra baggage fees for checking bags that the airline will lose anyway. But it's still worth it.



Any day that kU loses is a good day, but especially when they lose to an unranked 2-6 UMass team.

This might be enough to knock the jayhawks out of the rankings. They were only #23 coming in.

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Prop 8 musical

I've been meaning to post this for a while if you haven't already seen it... very funny



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big hit (big hit)


All-time best/worst of The Price is Right

7. Joy
(gets good around 3 minutes)

6. Cheater

5. Just a little bit off

4. 420

3. Did she say that?

2. Dumb bid

1. Cheater, and dumb

At work

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See the world

Traveling the globe isn't as affordable as it used to be, with the failing economy, high fuel prices and weak US dollar. So how about a free, easy alternative?

Webcams all over the world show you an almost-live image of what is happening there. There is a great app -- WorldView -- for the iPod touch/iPhone that makes it easy to browse these webcams. If you don't have one of those gadgets, you can browse the same at webcams.travel.

Bon voyage.



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Winestein holds the meat

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Here's a guided tour of my iPod Touch, just for fun.


Video: Deacon


Guarding the toys

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The big Christmas top 5

Here it is, my top five funny or bizarre Christmas-related YouTube videos. Enjoy.

5. The beer tree

4. Nintendo Sixty Four

3. Toy train accident on Christmas

2. Hey Ya! by the Peanuts gang

1. Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) kicks a tree's ass