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The birth of online news

Check out this fascinating video from the archives:



Jamie's first birthday video



Jamie turns 1

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Live by the sword...

This is one of the funnier things on the Internets:



Relive the Cardinals World Series

This one's for Cardinal Nation:

The new MLB network is reairing entire games from the Cardinals' 2006 playoff run. Starting this Saturday, at 3 p.m., with game 7 of the NLCS over the Mets, featuring the leg-breaking Adam Wainwright curveball. After that is Game 1 & 2 of the World Series.

Sunday picks up at 1 p.m. with Game 3, then Games 4 & 5 after. (All times Eastern)

The MLB network is channel 280 on Comcast.



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Put me to bed

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An observation following Missouri's loss to Nebraska yesterday in its Big 12 opener: this team doesn't show up for nationally televised games.

Because I don't live in the home TV market, I look forward to the few times a year that national TV picks up a Mizzou game and I can actually see them. But the two times that has happened this year -- Illinois and Nebraska -- the boys have played awful.

I like to believe they're not really that bad. They're 13-3, after all, with wins over Georgia and Xavier. But all I've seen is two of the three losses. And that means that's all the nation has seen as well.

If they can't play better under spotlight, I can't see the tournament selection committee giving them a break.


Nothing is "free"

You there. Please stop singing. Now.



Marley, and me

The producers of the 'Marley and Me' movie should really stop marketing it as a funny movie about a cute dog.

Seriously, all the promotional clips are about funny dog things. Then you go see the movie and you're not at all prepared for the ending. (Spoiler alert: it covers the whole life from beginning to sad awful end)

It's not a bad movie... the moral is that even the worst-behaved dog in the world is an incredibly loyal friend who will love you unconditionally if you do the same. It is actually a great story, with developed characters and strong acting.

But it isn't two hours of cute cuddly puppies with a warm fizzy ending, even though they market it that way.


Sound asleep

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Jamie climbs the stairs