Marley, and me

The producers of the 'Marley and Me' movie should really stop marketing it as a funny movie about a cute dog.

Seriously, all the promotional clips are about funny dog things. Then you go see the movie and you're not at all prepared for the ending. (Spoiler alert: it covers the whole life from beginning to sad awful end)

It's not a bad movie... the moral is that even the worst-behaved dog in the world is an incredibly loyal friend who will love you unconditionally if you do the same. It is actually a great story, with developed characters and strong acting.

But it isn't two hours of cute cuddly puppies with a warm fizzy ending, even though they market it that way.

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Kathy Schwartz said...

I could not agree with you more, Jeff. I brought my two young sons to this movie thinking it was going to be hilarious antics of a family and their dog. We didn't feel too happy when we left the theater.

And what newspaper pays that kind of salary to a columnist so he can afford a mansion in suburban Philadelphia?????