Q: How cool would it be if a cable or satellite TV provider decided to integrate Twitter or a similar service INTO every channel? A: Really cool. Imagine that on any given channel you have the option to pull up a crawl on screen that shows what other current viewers are saying about the program and lets you add your comments.

Four reasons this makes sense:

1) It would turn each of the 300-400 channels into niche social networks -- much more useful and valuable than just content channels.

2) It changes the TV-watching experience from passive consumption to active participation. This gives the viewer incentive to watch TV live when everyone else is watching instead of recording on DVR, which is threatening TV ad revenue.

3) It should be fairly easy to do. (Much easier than Smell-O-Vision) Providers already have on-demand technology that uniquely serves content to each TV on request. That should be adaptable to let people turn on/off a Twitter bar.

4) First company to do this gains a huge competitive advantage over other Cable/Satellite providers and can reposition against competition from online video services like Hulu.

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