60 minute man

As I saw Barack Obama's first interview as president-elect tonight on 60 Minutes, I couldn't help thinking how neat it would have been if Ed Bradley were still around to do the interview. Steve Croft is good, but there would have been something really special about seeing Ed Bradley (the first black network White House correspondent) interview the nation's first black president.

I had the same thought about Tim Russert on election night. Tim wasn't black, of course, but he was such a central figure in chronicling American politics for decades and I would have liked to see him cover a story like this.

Click here for one of several Ed Bradley remembrances you can find by searching his name. The actual 60 Minutes piece that aired after his death was spectacular, but I can't find a version of it preserved online.

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Martha said...

Great job! Would lilke to do some work in St. Louis?